2 Of The Craziest Plays In Sports

First up is one of the best plays I have ever seen in football... Trinity vs. Millsaps! I gaurantee this is one of the strangest finishes of all time. I won't ruin it for you...

Next up it is the amazing magic bat... Never before has such a such a moment been caught on tape : )

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The Piano Juggler

I could have named it man plays piano with his balls... but that just doesn't sound right! I tell you what though this does require some serious talent!

So if you think that was impressive check out this next video! This guy has actually mastered the art that is chainsaw juggling! That right chainsaw juggling... definitely not for the faint of heart!

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The Best Of Evil Knievel

A tribute to one of the greatest dare devils on the planet Evil Knievel. This first clip is for one of his jumps at Caesar's Palace....

Next up is 11 mack truck... sounds easy right?

Finally this jump is over an amazing 50 stacked cars! You gotta give it to the guy, he really had some nerves of steal. Evil Knievel will be missed...

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An Amazing Police Chase

This guy probably won't see the light of day for a long, long time... I wonder what he was running for? Either way this is some truly amazing footage!

On a lighter note this lady is just plain crazy! Must have been a rough day...

Woman Tries To Run Over Cops - Watch more free videos

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Late Night Fun With Jay Leno

At first I thought this was just fake... but turns out it is real! You just have to watch to find out...

Jay Leno Inhales - Anti-helium... Hilarious - Funny home videos are a click away

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More Amazing Moments In Sports

I can say for sure that the Labron James video is not real, but the rest of them look pretty darn real. The soccer one cracks me up...

Why this video is set to Mortal Combat music we may never know, but it does have some pretty unbelievable moves in it. This video is full of Lacross and Basketball plays.. enjoy!

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House Of 1000 Muppets

I know we just passed Halloween and I am a little late on this one, but I thought this was just too funny. Any of you who have seen House of 1000 corpses would get a kick out of this one...

Sticking with the Muppets theme this next clip is a parady of The Blair Witch Project. Great movie if you haven't seen it...

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Top Ten Football Misses

First up is the real football, which would be soccer, or is it football? I am really not sure, but this clip is still pretty hilarious... unfortunately as a fellow soccer/football player I feel their pain!

Next up is what we call in The States football. Not quite as entertaining with more commercials then game, but hey you still gotta love the bloopers!

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This Can't Be Good For The Truck

I gotta say theses guys can't have a lot going on upstairs. If I was their boss they would have been fired a long time ago...

How do I hate Nancy Grace... let me count the ways. Even if this producer got fired it would have been worth it. This lady is a complete moron and does not deserve to have her own show...

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The Greatest Running Back Of All Time!

I have to admit, growing up in Michigan I am kinda partial, but hey this guy was certainly one of the most entertaining players to watch! Barry Sanders was the only thing good about the Detroit Lions for a long time...

Here is a few more moves from the great one! I always thought he would try and make a comeback, but alas, I guess he made his money and was done with it... at least he retired uninjured and can enjoy the rest of his life!

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The World Record Nail Sandwich!

This is just plain insane! Watch as these martial arts masters make the world record bed of nails sandwich... I really feel for the guy on the bottom!

Next up it a very talented contortionist. I am not going to give it away, you will just have to watch to see what record he is going to break...

For more strange videos check out the amazing rubberman or the magnetic child!

Miss Teen USA South Carolina

This is just so, so sad... For those two people out there in the world that missed it, here is Miss Teen South Carolina rabbling... I guess that is why they call them beauty pageants, because that have absolutely nothing to do with what is in their noggin... it is more about what kinda junk they have in their trunk!

So sure that is pretty bad, but can you name an animal with three letters in it's name? That is only the beginning, this is just too much! Without further adu, from the Family Feud here is the dumbest family in the world!

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Some Painful Knockouts

This is part of the reason why I never got into boxing... I value my brain a little more then these people I guess.

If you think that was brutal check out these top ten from Friday Night Fights. I think a few of these might even leave a mark...

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Man Gets Run Over With Steam Roller!

This is some messed up stuff! Criss Angel performs this amazing stunt. How do you think they accomplished such a feat?

Next check out a few more tricks from the talented magician... impressive tricks!

For more check out these amazing acts or the dog with the mad ups!

The Best Of David Blaine!

I have to admit out of all the magicians out there David Blaine is the best one I have ever seen! In this first trick he manages to pull out someones teeth...

This next trick is pretty impressive too! In this video he shows us how to turn coffee into spare change. I gotta learn this one to I can retire...

Finally the grand finale... I won't ruin it for you!

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The Best Drummers In The World

Quite the beat this guy carries! Pretty amazing stuff...

If you think that was good check out this guy. Amazing juggling and drums...

For more check out this accident or when good monks go bad!

Unbelievable Motor Cross Tricks!

Some of these are from the X-games and the rest from Red Bull X Fighters! Impressive stuff these guys are really getting some mad ups!

Here is a few more crazy movies from a different angle...

For more X-games fun check out this horrible accident or when good monks go bad!

Barry Bonds Hits #756

So what do you think? I think this record is a bit tainted as Bonds was a steroid user at one point... sad really that there has been so much steroid use in Baseball. You would think that they wouldn't really need it if they were that good of a player... Roids or not he did hit #756 to break Hank Aarons record and here it is...

Then there was #757... I wonder if those people jump out of their kayaks to dive for the ball?

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The Worst Skateboarding Accident I Have Ever Seen!

From the latest X-games, Jake Brown is competing in the Big Air portion when something goes terribly wrong...

I can't believe anyone would be able to walk away from that! Blew his shoes right off... If you think that was bad, watch this next clip and feel the pain!!! They people might want to consider a career change...

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This Dog Has Got Some Mad Ups

Pretty impressive stuff... I love the part were he jumps right off the trainer! This is definitely amazing that the dog can jump that high into the air!

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Crazy Chimps Vs. Human

Sometimes animals are better off left alone... this is one of those times! Just goes to show you how unpredictable chimps can be. These scientists had been working along side these animals for over 2 years until...

If you think that is bad you ain't seen nothing yet...

And this last clip shows us why dogs are far superior to cats...

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David Copperfield's Laser Illusion

I would have liked to have been there to see this in person... either way it is amazing! I guess anybody who can make the statue of liberty disappear has to be pretty good...

Ok so how about this one? This is from the Mind Freak show with Criss Angel. Again I would love to see it in person as it is hard to believe that anything like this is possible... but who knows, what do you think?

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A terrible accident.
Freeway Amazing Crash

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24 sec

The Amazing Rubberman!

I have to admit this is pretty gross, but I guess it pays the bills. This guy has the strange talent of being able to stretch his skin and even pop his hand out of socket...

If you think that is crazy check out this wack-job! I won't ruin it for you...

For more watch these memorable sports moments or I bet you can't do this!

I Would Hate To Be This Guys Assistant

Feel the pain!!! I am sure this guy is thinking he will catch a break soon. Don't count on it, this master has some pretty killer martial art moves!

Here is a few more impressive moves... sure I could do it if I wanted to!

For more check out these amazing Chinese monks or find out who the amazing magnetic child is!

Some Crazy Moments In Sports

An unbelievable catch, amazing wake boarding tricks and some dangerous white water rafting! A bit of everything...

This next clip is a little spin off of one of the greatest movies ever made Pulp Fiction. See if you can tell the different between this and the original film...

For more amazing sports videos check out basketballs top ten or for more funny videos check out The World's Funniest Videos!

Amazing Man Lifts 2 Bicycles With His Teeth Then Breaths Fire!

Only in China would you find a crazy like this... First this kung-fu master stops a steel grinder with his bare hands! Then he wraps a pole around his neck! Next he shows you just how strong his Chinese choppers are, and just wait till you see the grand finale... simply fantastic!

From the same show this next clip shows a women sword swallower with a twist. Very impressive....

More? Check out how someone breaks their eye socket or ouchie wa-wak!

When Good Monks Go Bad

These monks have a really attitude problem! They have barricaded themselves in a building and refuse to leave... let's just say things get ugly!

"There was a riot in the streets tell me where were you..."

Here is even more footage of this crazy confrontation!

For more check out these bad mama jamming monks or this amazing shot!

The Amazing Dancing Gorilla!

This Silverback Gorilla from Japan has got some mad moves! It looks like he or she might be one hell of a figure skater as well... Feel free to translate if you can.

The gorilla is not the only one apparently... this next one has a bit of everything in it, set to a song I do not know. Enjoy!

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Why We Should Be Afraid Of The Chinese

5000 years of tradition brings you this spectacular show from China. These Jungua are descendants of the Dragon and display some amazing feats of strength, balance and acrobatic skills! If you think this is impressive just wait you haven't seen anything yet...

When you have discipline like this it certainly makes you a worthy opponent for anyone throughout the world! The art of Shaolin Kung Fu requires a lifetime of practice and the ability to harness your qi. The qigong is a technique that can actually be traced on heat sensors throughout the body and allows humans to accomplish some unbelievable acts...

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The Problem With Toy Guns...

The clown now knows... do you? You gotta love the slow motion replay. If you look closely you can really see another shooter on the grassy knoll!

More? Of course! How about these unusual creatures or these amazing magic tricks!

The Best Minute And A Half On Television!

Bone crushing wipe outs, massive explosions, crazy fights and yes nudity! Courtesy of the greatest show ever created Max X! Did we miss anything?

After that I am sure you are hungry for more so check out this very expensive accident. I guess they needed just a little more practice before pulling this one off. I wonder if they will give them a second chance?

And then there's this guy... he's no Emeril Lagasse but he does add a certain flare to his cooking style. I might even check out this guys show after watching this clip...

If you still want more check out how someone breaks their eye socket or this insane cat jumping off a telephone pole!

Basketball's Top Ten

Since the playoffs are over everyone is going through withdrawals... I hope this helps!

The Top Ten Blocks Of All Time

The Top Ten Assists Of All Time

The Top Ten Shots Of All Time

Hope that tides you over till next year...

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Strange Creatures Caught On Tape

It is really amazing what you can find in the ocean, after all we have yet to explore many parts of it. Just imagine all the unusual life forms hidden in the depths of our oceans... here is just a taste!

Can you separate the fact from the fiction? What do you think are any of these creatures real?

For more check out how not to finish a race or this amazing recovery!

Ever Wonder How Someone Would Break Their Eye Socket?

Well wonder no more thanks to Max X's extremely lucky dudes. You be the judge, is this guy lucky or what? I guess it could have been worse, but not much... ouch! This is one of the many reasons for not jumping out of a plane!

And just in case all you Max X fans were looking for a little more mullet check out this next compilation!

Want more maximum exposure? Check out this guy shooting electricity out of his hands or this insane SUPER CAT!!!

The Amazing Magnetic Child!

This story is straight out of Taiwan, this child's body is actually magnetic and so is his fathers. Watch as they hang silverware and an iron off of their bodies... just plain nuts! Right at the end of the video he says it all started after he was in the army. You gotta wonder what kind of experiments they were running in that country!

Magnet People - More amazing videos are a click away

He is not the only one though! Check out this guy from Malaysia he has some of the same strange "powers." Here is a couple clips, this guy can actually pull a car with ease!

Looking for more insanity? Check out the most outrageous moments caught on tape or the world record trampoline jump!

The Funniest Moments From The People's Court

This guy has some real balls I will give him that! I don't think the judge thought it was quite as funny as I did...

From the classic 90s show In Living Color starring the famous Anton Jackson. I must say Jim Carey does a pretty good job as the infamous Judge Wapner!

And finally there is this guy... hasn't slept in 8 days, I wonder if drug were involved?

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You Really Don't Want To Finish A Race This Way!

Maybe you should cross the finish line before you start the celebration... What was this guy thinking? His reaction is priceless!

Well it could be worse... you could be this guy! How he was not seriously injured is beyond me... Divine intervention perhaps?

Still looking for more? Check out the most talented elephant in the world or find out just how stupid Americans really are!

Can Baseball Actually Be Exciting?

Hmm, how could they make baseball more exciting? How about added a few more brawls to get the fans involved? Check out these top 10 baseball fights of all time...

Well if there were more managers like this guy... maybe! This minor league manager goes totally bananas after a ball call by one of the umps... hilarious stuff!

Hey just add in more of this and take back the greedy players and their multiple player strikes over the past and maybe I will consider watching baseball again... But until then I do have better things to do with four hours of my life!

Want more craziness? Check out the most talented Elephant in the world or this insane head on collision!

The Most Outrageous Moments Caught On Tape!

From the show The Most Outrageous TV Moments, this stuff is crazy! The ostridge part is the best! That thing is seriously pissed! There is some other crazy animals on this clip and then into the TV shows and finally the youth of the nation shows us just how great Mr. Bush is at keeping the crowd engaged... enjoy!

Simply because one is never enough here is another part from the series... It shows us the inteligence level of some of Jerry Springers guests, some of the hilarious things that can happen on live TV and funny home improvement bloopers!

For even more check out the world's most talented elephant or the top Mike Tyson moments!

The Most Talented Elephant In The World

This elephant is unbelievably multi-talented, just watch as it pulls off some amazing soccer moves! I wonder just how long it took to train this giant? I guess what else is there to do in this third world country. I love the pass from the trunk to the back foot, wow! The grand finale is not too shabby either...

And now for so real pros of the sport... this time of the human kind mostly. I can't say I am too crazy about the music in this one, but the moves are well worth it...

For more check out Robin Hood Ain't Got Nothing On This Guy or I bet you can't do this!


From Taft Ca. to Bakersfield Ca.

50 minutes down to 1 minute 22 sec

Robin Hood Ain't Got Nothing On This Guy!

I am sure you know the famous scene from Robin Hood were he splits the arrow in the archery contest, well can it actually be done? This amazing video from Japan shows us just how accurate you have to be to accomplish such a feet... You gotta love the super slow motion shots they provide. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with something this cool...

What does this next clip have to do with archery? Well nothing but it is still quite impressive! I won't give it away you are just gonna have to watch...

For more crazy archery check out this unbelievable bow and arrow trick or for something a little different watch the epic battle between mongoose and cobra!


The World Record Trampoline Jump

This is truly amazing! I can't translate for you, but I am sure it is something like "Holy S*&%!" That jump measured a full 6 Meters 15 Centimeters! Apparently this guy has also been on the Ninja Warrior show on G4. Pretty impressive stuff, if you like that you will love the next clip...

I can't say I have ever seen anyone get these kinda ups on a skateboard! This course was originally designed for a bike ramp, but as you will see it works wonders on a skateboard as well!

Here is some more record breaking footage, this time from the sport of Motor cross. These bikers fly an amazing 280 feet through the air and stick the landing too! Wow!

For more from the Videoholics check out insane cat jumping from telephone pole or Ouchie Wa-Wa!


Ouchie Wa-Wa!!!

You gotta love a good wipe out or two or three... The second clip is my favorite, kids are just hilarious! Some of these just look painful!

Finally a video set to some good music... enjoy for whom the bell tolls. I hope the band doesn't decided to sue me, because I am one of their fans and enjoy listening to their music...

For more vids check out I bet you can't do this or this amazing bowling shot!

I Bet You Can't Do This

Hell there is no way, I could ever come close to doing something like this... This is one of the most amazing balancing acts ever! The replay really shows you just how difficult a trick like this is...

If you think that is unbelievable check out this husband and wife duo! Wow and with no safety net, you gotta wonder if there isn't a little something wrong upstairs... Either way it they are a very trusting couple!

For more check out this cat leaping from a telephone pole or these impressive pool tricks!


Insane Cat Jumps Off Top Of Telephone Poll

This poor cat was stuck on the top of a telephone poll for over a day before rescue workers tried to bring it down safely... As you will see the cat had different plans!

I guess that adds even more proof that cats always land on their feet, I can't believe that cat seemed totally fine after taking a major fall like that!

This next one I just thought was hilarious, some of you might want to adopt this little guy, I think he is still available...

I don't think that feline can be tamed from the looks of it...

This cat was not quite a lucky as the one in the first video. I guess they don't ALWAYS land on their feet!

And finally this one is pretty funny too, OUCH!!!

The only true question that remains is which pet do you like better cats or dogs? My personally opinion is that women like cats and men like dogs for the most part, but what do you think?

For more vids check out this amazing art or these clips with a little bit of everything!


A Little Bit Of Everything

Here is a nice collection of clips of people with very, very bad luck. I am sure you have seen at least a few of these, but there were definitely some gems that I have never run across.

My only question is how can a baby spit up that much milk... that was just insane!

As if that wasn't enough check out this massive crash compilation... I am not crazy about the music, but to each his own I guess. Check out the red car at :38 seconds... how many flips is that?

Still want more? Check out the most unbelievable show ever or find out if Americans really are that dumb.

The Top Mike Tyson Moments Of All Time

"I want to eat his children! Praise to Ala.." Man is Mike Tyson ever a freak... but he certainly was one bad dude! He was one of the best boxers I have ever seen, but how can anyone believe he did not take steroids with a voice like that?

Watch out there is quite a bit of profanity in this clip, not for virgin ears so hide your children from this crazy man...

This next clip shows you why he can get away with sayings and doing all those unbelievable things... These massive knockouts prove what a vicious fighter he was... enjoy!

More? Check out this crazy rally or this crazy man sending a snake through his nose!


An Unbelievable Badminton Rally... Yes Badminton

You gotta hand it to these guys, that does take a lot of hustle... who knew that badminton could be so exciting? If you think that was good just wait till the next clip!

This next one is from the 2007 International Hockey World Championships... the first hit makes it all worth it... especially with the referring this playoffs!

And if you think "American Football" is rough you ain't seen nothing yet... these guys are nuts, now I fully understand the term "Give Blood Play Rugby" The first bit of this video is a little slow but just watch it is certainly worth it!

For more watch these amazing acrobatics or find out how stupid Americans really are!

Amazing Sand Art & Spectacular Acrobatics

What can I say this guy is pretty amazing watch as he creates some pretty amazing art just with sand... I have seen something similar on Amazing Stuff, but this is a completely different clip.

This is crazy as well, I wasn't too impressed with the beginning, but the ending is simply astonishing! That is one hell of a strong neck!

For more craziness check out these unbelievable foreign shows or for something different check out The World's Funniest Videos!


The Most Unbelievable Foreign Show Ever

Wow is there ever a bunch of crazy footage on this show... simply amazing stuff! You might need a translator though : ) I have seen the first one before on Max X, the guy gets electrocuted and takes a real tumble... don't worry though somehow he does survive the fall and the shock! The rest is just crazy! Enjoy the madness!

From right here in The States this next one is from the show America's Got Talent. This act is pretty amazing, not quite sure how they managed this one... talk about a superman act!

For even more check out these amazing tricks or for something a bit different check out the beautiful pics at Sun Up Till Sun Down!


Amazing Magic, Acrobatics and A Ventriloquist

I am not normally one for magic shows, but this guy is pretty darn good. Where is he hiding all those birds is my question to you...

Let go back in time to the year 1904 with this one... Amazing acrobatic skills are displayed by these two gentleman. Looks like a good leg workout, maybe I should try this : )

Finally this last clip feature a ventriloquist. Yeah, I know what you are thinking... "LAME", but this guy is good! Just wait for the part where he does the Godzilla voices, now that takes talent! For more you can search for Kevin Johnson...

If you are still hungry for more check out "I bet you can't do this" or the greatest dance-offs of all time!


Insane Head-On Collision!

Wow I can't believe this guy, what the heck was he thinking? That policeman will be counting his blessing after watching this clip...

The Russian Tunnel of Love! You would think they would so something about this tunnel with all of the accidents. Then again...

And sticking with the car theme... here is a clip from the not so popular show "America's Got Talent" Enjoy!

For even more check out these painful crashes or this unlikely spot for a Geyser!


Are Americans Really That Stupid? You Decide!

Individuals who do not understand their history are damned to repeat it... well looks like we are in real trouble!

Here is just a bit more stupidity... This clips shows us all the amazing geography skills that we have!

And the final piece of the puzzle... This is the guy that "we the people" elected... words cannot explain!

For more check out this crazy recovery or this amazing shot!


An Unbelievable Recovery

I can't believe this guy didn't flip... I didn't really see it the first time, just wait until the slow motion replay it is insane! They guy running for his life is pretty classic as well. Too bad you can't tell what the announcers are saying...

This would be the exact opposite of the luck displayed above... Ouch! Watch out the music is a little on the heavy side!

For more watch this crazy collision or Don't Follow.


Impressive Pool Tricks

This guy has some crazy skills... I think I could do only one or two of these shots. The editing in the video kinda bad but the tricks make up for it.

For more pool tricks check out this post or watch Hunter S. Thompson on Conan.

Lucky To Be Walking After This One

This guy needs to count his blessings because something was looking out for him on this day... I can't believe he just gets right up after taking a shot like that!

For more crazy vids check out the most unlucky skydiver in the world or watch the craziest obstacle course ever!

An Amazing Bowling Shot

It really takes a lot to make bowling exciting in my eyes... watch this trick shot from one of the best bowlers out there. Hmmm, practicing trying to get a spare might not be the best idea!

For more of the unbelievable check out this weight lifting accident or you can view some of the funniest moments from Will Ferrell!

Was It Over When The German's Bombed Pearl Harbor?

A classic little clip from the movie Animal House... hilarious and quite inspiring actually! One of the best movie speeches of all time... at least in my opinion. What do you say?

For more funny videos check out these Hilarious Conan Clips or if you are looking for something a bit more crazy check out the centipede vs the tarantula!

"killing me softly"

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