The Most Unbelievable Foreign Show Ever

Wow is there ever a bunch of crazy footage on this show... simply amazing stuff! You might need a translator though : ) I have seen the first one before on Max X, the guy gets electrocuted and takes a real tumble... don't worry though somehow he does survive the fall and the shock! The rest is just crazy! Enjoy the madness!

From right here in The States this next one is from the show America's Got Talent. This act is pretty amazing, not quite sure how they managed this one... talk about a superman act!

For even more check out these amazing tricks or for something a bit different check out the beautiful pics at Sun Up Till Sun Down!



  1. Wow what show is that? If every episode is like that I think I have a new favorite! That was great stuff!

  2. Did that guy have a lamp through his lip?


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