One Very Smart Squirrel

Whomever trained this little squirrel has some real talent. Watch as this little bugger manages to complete a quite complicated obstacle course...

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The Best Soccer/Hackers You Will Ever See!

Looks more like some ancient form of karate then hacking! Just unbelievable skills! I wonder where this event takes place? Have a look...

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An Amazing Dominoes Video

I am sure most of you have tried to stack up Dominoes, personally I never had the patience for it, but apparently these people do! Who would have thought that stacking Dominoes to make Dominoes would actually work...

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Soccer Flip Throw To Face

I have played a lot of soccer in my day, but I never was able to perfect the flip throw... I will tell you what though, I always had the sense to stay a little farther away from the player when they are throwing it in... OUCH!!!

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Insanely Close Call

I always though the drivers of these rally car races were crazy, but I guess you can lump the photographers in there as well. Watch as the car skims right by him, unbelievable close!

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How Mad Men Change Tires

I have change a few tires in my life, but never quite like this guy... I think I would have gotten a bit dizzy how bout you?

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