If this is real than it's a really good video. If not?
Than it's not so good...
Harassment does not pay off, that's what I got out of it.

6 minutes 29 sec
It's true!
You never know who your dealing with, whether this video is real or not?

Hockey's Minor League Trophy Breaks!

You have to feel for this guy. Watch as he tries to hand the trophy to his teammate... I guess that is why it is a Minor League Trophy!

Minor League Hockey Trophy Breaks - Watch more free videos

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The Worse Leg Sports Accidents Ever

This first one is from a kickboxing match... Warning all of this footage is not for the squeamish! Lloyd Van Damme is the guy that doesn't get hurt, but I am not sure of the fighter that got injured...

I guess this one is for those people who think wrestling is nothing but fake... Well even when it's fake people still can get hurt. So painful to watch...

This is a compilation of a bunch of horrible injuries... It has the first two videos in it as well, but a whole lot more... Ouch!

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Drunk Falls Off Bridge!

This is raw footage of a man on top of a bridge in what appears to be England. I won't ruin it for you, but I will tell you this... That must have really, REALLY HURT!

From face plants to skydiving here at Videoholics Anonymous! This is the most extreme skydiving stunt I have ever seen. What a maniac...

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