One Very Smart Squirrel

Whomever trained this little squirrel has some real talent. Watch as this little bugger manages to complete a quite complicated obstacle course...

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The Best Soccer/Hackers You Will Ever See!

Looks more like some ancient form of karate then hacking! Just unbelievable skills! I wonder where this event takes place? Have a look...

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An Amazing Dominoes Video

I am sure most of you have tried to stack up Dominoes, personally I never had the patience for it, but apparently these people do! Who would have thought that stacking Dominoes to make Dominoes would actually work...

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Soccer Flip Throw To Face

I have played a lot of soccer in my day, but I never was able to perfect the flip throw... I will tell you what though, I always had the sense to stay a little farther away from the player when they are throwing it in... OUCH!!!

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Insanely Close Call

I always though the drivers of these rally car races were crazy, but I guess you can lump the photographers in there as well. Watch as the car skims right by him, unbelievable close!

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How Mad Men Change Tires

I have change a few tires in my life, but never quite like this guy... I think I would have gotten a bit dizzy how bout you?

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Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

From the looks of it, this would make a great movie : ) Picard Vs. Vadard... I like the sounds of that!

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Rope Swing Summer Fun!

If you are a fan of the blog you probably already know that this next video doesn't have to much fun involved... In fact it is mostly pain and slow motion : )

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The Ultimate Masonry Man

Anyone who can carry that many bricks on their head is a must have for any Masonry company! That takes some major balance...

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Wear Your Seatbelt!

Or this could happen to you! What a vicious crash, I wonder if they are ok? Looks like this was taken somewhere in the Middle East, but I really have no clue...

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Luckiest Gameshow Contestant In The World

Well that would probably go to Ken Jennings, but I don't think that was all luck. Watch as this kids wins it all on his 19th birthday. Lucky punk!

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The One Second Knockout

Don't be an idiot and try this at home, this guy is a professional. Behold, the one second knockout...

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The Black Hole

I know I have had more than a few days where I wish I had this in the office... Pretty original idea! Enjoy the short...

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Japanese Tug Of War

I don't know who exactly comes up with the ideas for these shows, but I think we need to bring him to here in the states... Brilliant... just brilliant!

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5 Of The Craziest Soccer Goals Ever

The poor keepers never stood a chance on these goals. More than one lucky bounce I would say in this soccer video... Have a look!

5 Interesting Soccer Goals - Watch more Free Videos

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Worst Target Workers Ever!

Watch as these two genusises just let the truck drive away... Maybe you should have shut that door first, what do you think?

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TV Reporter Goes Crazy

I don't bother you at your job buddy... Yeah but it is always funny to make fun of the press : )

Here is a bit more funny news bloopers...

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Who Would Have Thought This Wasn't Going To Work?

Not exactly sure what stunt this gentlemen was trying to perform, but I don't think it's supposed to come out like this...

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What Sarah Palin Really Said During The VP Debates

David Letterman shows us what really happened during the Vice Presidential debate the other night between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin...

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A Real Pit Stop

Racer Valento Rossi takes a little break during the race... Wonder if he still one?

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Unbelievable Waves Hitting Lighthouses

What you about to see is a collection of videos gathered from lighthouses around the world. I wonder if anybody was in any of these lighthouses at the time. That would have certainly been a trip...

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The Dog Escape Artist

Quite the moves this small dog has, impressive that it can somehow manage to make it out of this make-shift kennel. Perhaps he has a future in the magic business...

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Really Bad Karate Move

Watch out if you are a bit squeamish you might not want to watch this videos. I am pretty sure that's not how you do it...

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Tom Brady Injury 3 Different Angles

Out for the rest of the season! What do you think was it a dirty hit? I don't think it was that bad... We will see what they backups QBs got, that is for sure...

A Great Play In Baseball

I am not a big baseball fan, but this was pretty impressive. This poor catcher is going to be having nightmares about this play for the rest of his life...

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TV Reporters Have It Really Bad

Some of these are just too much, I mean even the Fox News people might not deserve this... Well I guess you can't go that far, they are pretty evil! Get ready for some of the most painful TV bloopers ever caught on tape...

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How To Properly Dunk A Basketball

The technique is just a tiny bit off, but the rest is perfect. I think this young man might just have a future in the NBA? What do you say?

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The Fastest Guitar Player In The World!

He doesn't really start playing till about the 3 minute mark of this video, so you might as well skip to that part. This guy really is a mad man though, unbelievable that anyone could ever even come close to playing that fast. I am thinking arthritis might be in his future though...

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26 Judo Moves In 26 Seconds

Impressive Daniel son... I know one thing I don't want to be the Judo student in this video!

And then there is this guy... What a maniac! Sure people are always on their cellphones while driving, but this takes it to the extreme!

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Mad Man Leads Police On A Crazy Chase!

Sure, by now you have probably seen a ton of high speed chases, but I bet you have never seen one quite like this. Watch as this crazy dude leads police on a chase in a stretch limo!

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Amazing Ghost-Like Birds

This large group of swallows are performing some sort of strange dance... It almost looks like they are coming out of nowhere like ghosts! This really is some very strange bird footage...

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Boston Kills The Lakers In Game 6

It was already over by the time this one went in... Celtics win huge 131-92 to capture the championship! Congratulations Boston on your 17th title!!!

The crowd goes wild!!!

Tie Domi Vs. Fan

Back when Hockey was a little crazier and apparently so were the fans! I don't think I would have been try to jump into the penalty box with Tie...

Up next is a tribute to Joey Kocur, a serious hockey heavy-weight! Get ready for some of the best hockey fights you will ever see...

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Iraqi Walks Away After Explosion

Watch as this civilian comes very close to losing his life as a IED is set off right next to him. Very scary footage...

Iraqi Guy Walks Off Ied Explosion - Watch more free videos

Now check out this next crazy clip, 10 illusions in 2 minutes... pretty impressive tricks!

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If this is real than it's a really good video. If not?
Than it's not so good...
Harassment does not pay off, that's what I got out of it.

6 minutes 29 sec
It's true!
You never know who your dealing with, whether this video is real or not?

Hockey's Minor League Trophy Breaks!

You have to feel for this guy. Watch as he tries to hand the trophy to his teammate... I guess that is why it is a Minor League Trophy!

Minor League Hockey Trophy Breaks - Watch more free videos

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The Worse Leg Sports Accidents Ever

This first one is from a kickboxing match... Warning all of this footage is not for the squeamish! Lloyd Van Damme is the guy that doesn't get hurt, but I am not sure of the fighter that got injured...

I guess this one is for those people who think wrestling is nothing but fake... Well even when it's fake people still can get hurt. So painful to watch...

This is a compilation of a bunch of horrible injuries... It has the first two videos in it as well, but a whole lot more... Ouch!

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Drunk Falls Off Bridge!

This is raw footage of a man on top of a bridge in what appears to be England. I won't ruin it for you, but I will tell you this... That must have really, REALLY HURT!

From face plants to skydiving here at Videoholics Anonymous! This is the most extreme skydiving stunt I have ever seen. What a maniac...

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A Kick Save In Baseball?

This has to be one of the best plays of the baseball season so far, check out Joel Pineiro the pitcher in this video. I won't ruin it you are just going to have to watch...

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You don't see a lot of actual contact in Baseball, but when it happens it can be explosive! Watch out music sucks bad in this clip...

And then there is the crazy Japanese : ) Watch this unorthodox pitching style...

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One Of The Best Baseball Catches Of All Time

From right here in Marquette Michigan, what you are about to see will amaze you! Maybe he has a future with the Detroit Tigers? Unbelievable catch...

We stay in Michigan but move from baseball to hockey in this classic clip. Former captain of the Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman shows us why he deserved to be captain for so many years. GO WINGS!!!

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The Best Sniper In The World

This sniper shows off his amazing talent by actually shooting the gun right out of this suicidal maniac's hand! His steady hand not only kept this man from harming others, but could have quite possibly saved his life. Either way this is a pretty amazing shot from a very talented sniper... who knew you could save someone's life by shooting at them!

This next one is just plain gross! This lady went on vacation and came back with more then just a souvenir...

Maggot - For more funny videos, click here

And finally just in case you ever wondered if it was possible for a human to break the sound barrier without any help from machines... well here you go!

Still looking for more? Feast your eyes on the life cycle of ice cream or this truly amazing animal footage!

Near Death Experiences

Now these are some lucky folks! Set to what sounds like to me to be a Frank Sinatra song. This is what I call a close call...

This is why you are supposed to think before acting...

I could help but post this one just for the skydiving clip... Those things aren't cheap!

More? Check out the world's record for a human nail sandwich or lucky to be walking!

Football Fights And Vicious Fouls

Whoever says soccer isn't a rough sport hasn't seen this video yet... O man some of these really look like they hurt bad! You gotta love a clean slide tackle, but most of what you are about to see is far from clean...

Before you press play I just want to let you know I had nothing to do with the music in this clip : )

Want more? Check out this not so amazing finish or this can't be good for the truck!

Rowan Atkinson And His Invisible Drum

Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr. Bean happens upon an invisible drum, what happens next is hilarious! I bet this skit took a long time to perfect...

I am sure this one took one hell of a lot of practice as well... Looks like it is quite the workout too!

I know you want more so check out some of the best drummers in the world or man gets run over with steam roller!

Corrales Vs Castillo

This is round 10 of the fight that will go down as one of the best boxing battles of all time! I won't ruin it for you so you are just going to have to watch to see who comes out on top...

Here is a bit different kind of a battle... this one is Jérôme LeBanner vs Don Frye! No that is not Tom Seleck. You got to give them both credit, but I don't know what is more exciting, the fight or the announcing!

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Branching Out?

This, has got to be one of the weirdest things I have ever seen to date...
Apparently it's some sort of unusual disease...

2 minutes 4 sec

A Homecoming Of Sorts

These two guys bought this animal from the zoo when it was just a cub. After a while it had to be released into the wilds of Africa. A year later the 2 guys decided to go to Africa and see the cub again. This is the reaction...

Check out this next creature, it is call the Aye-aye and is on the endangered species list. Watch how it uses it's one smaller finger to scope out it's meal. A marvel of nature that should be protected from further harm.

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Do Not Try This At Home!

It really takes some steel kahonas to even attempt this skateboarding trick! I won't ruin it for you, just watch...

I guess you could try this one at home, but someone is probably gonna get a few bruises. Quite the feet...

And then there is these guys... Not a good idea!

This is how not to lift a car - Watch more free videos

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Two Reasons Why We Love Max X

Reason #1 Awesome clips like this one...

Reason #2 Where else are you going to see Police room brawls?

For more check out The Best Of Evil Knievel or this crazy dog!

Freeze Frame

What happens when you get a ton of people together to play one of the strangest practical jokes on everyone in Grand Central Station? Well...

And then there is this guy... Takes some serious talent to pull this off!

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The World's Most Powerful Explosions!

First up is a clip from Mexico... A tanker carrying gasoline has collided with a passenger train. It is set a blaze, and becomes a ticking time bomb!

This next video is simply shocking... The tank that blows up in this video travels a full 3/4 mile in the air before coming to rest on the ground! Also in this video is the infamous Pepcon rocket fuel planet explosion.

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Poor Microsoft!

I guess you don't need to wonder anymore about how Google is just dominating Microsofty. This is the guy that is now running the place... Steve Ballmer!

I will give him one thing, he does have some serious energy! Now, here is what people are saying about their latest product Microsoft Vista...

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The Life & Death Of Ice Cream

First of all Happy New Year to all of our readers and subscribers! We hope you got a little something out of the site so far and we look forward to finding the most unbeliveable videos on the net in 2008.

Who doesn't love a good time-lapse video? This one just surfaced on Youtube not too long ago, it is called the life and death of ice cream and it features some amazing melting... Who knew ice cream could be so trippy?

For more time-lapse craziness check out this post or have some late night fun here!

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