The Mona Lisa Made With Burger Grease

It really takes a one of a kind talent to come with an idea like this one. Watch as this fast food lover paints the Mona Lisa out of burger grease... Kinda makes ya hunger doesn't it?

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Like Pulling Teeth(Fogászat)

I'm glad I have a dentist...

57 seconds

Uploaded by vampiregirl24

Everything Is Possible

Wow there really are some amazing people out there... Check out these clips, I have seen a couple of them already, but still just unbelievable!

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Guy Takes The Fall

26 seconds
I would guess he fell about 10 feet. Ouch!

Aww... What A Cute Panda!

Wait a second, maybe that guy shouldn't be leaning up against the cage like that...

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Crossdresser Gets Hit By A Truck

Um yeah you read that title correctly... Watch as these morons try to put on a show on the side of the highway... Not too smart there buddy...

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