The World's Most Powerful Explosions!

First up is a clip from Mexico... A tanker carrying gasoline has collided with a passenger train. It is set a blaze, and becomes a ticking time bomb!

This next video is simply shocking... The tank that blows up in this video travels a full 3/4 mile in the air before coming to rest on the ground! Also in this video is the infamous Pepcon rocket fuel planet explosion.

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Poor Microsoft!

I guess you don't need to wonder anymore about how Google is just dominating Microsofty. This is the guy that is now running the place... Steve Ballmer!

I will give him one thing, he does have some serious energy! Now, here is what people are saying about their latest product Microsoft Vista...

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The Life & Death Of Ice Cream

First of all Happy New Year to all of our readers and subscribers! We hope you got a little something out of the site so far and we look forward to finding the most unbeliveable videos on the net in 2008.

Who doesn't love a good time-lapse video? This one just surfaced on Youtube not too long ago, it is called the life and death of ice cream and it features some amazing melting... Who knew ice cream could be so trippy?

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