Man Gets Run Over With Steam Roller!

This is some messed up stuff! Criss Angel performs this amazing stunt. How do you think they accomplished such a feat?

Next check out a few more tricks from the talented magician... impressive tricks!

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The Best Of David Blaine!

I have to admit out of all the magicians out there David Blaine is the best one I have ever seen! In this first trick he manages to pull out someones teeth...

This next trick is pretty impressive too! In this video he shows us how to turn coffee into spare change. I gotta learn this one to I can retire...

Finally the grand finale... I won't ruin it for you!

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The Best Drummers In The World

Quite the beat this guy carries! Pretty amazing stuff...

If you think that was good check out this guy. Amazing juggling and drums...

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Unbelievable Motor Cross Tricks!

Some of these are from the X-games and the rest from Red Bull X Fighters! Impressive stuff these guys are really getting some mad ups!

Here is a few more crazy movies from a different angle...

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Barry Bonds Hits #756

So what do you think? I think this record is a bit tainted as Bonds was a steroid user at one point... sad really that there has been so much steroid use in Baseball. You would think that they wouldn't really need it if they were that good of a player... Roids or not he did hit #756 to break Hank Aarons record and here it is...

Then there was #757... I wonder if those people jump out of their kayaks to dive for the ball?

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The Worst Skateboarding Accident I Have Ever Seen!

From the latest X-games, Jake Brown is competing in the Big Air portion when something goes terribly wrong...

I can't believe anyone would be able to walk away from that! Blew his shoes right off... If you think that was bad, watch this next clip and feel the pain!!! They people might want to consider a career change...

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This Dog Has Got Some Mad Ups

Pretty impressive stuff... I love the part were he jumps right off the trainer! This is definitely amazing that the dog can jump that high into the air!

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