Amazing Magic, Acrobatics and A Ventriloquist

I am not normally one for magic shows, but this guy is pretty darn good. Where is he hiding all those birds is my question to you...

Let go back in time to the year 1904 with this one... Amazing acrobatic skills are displayed by these two gentleman. Looks like a good leg workout, maybe I should try this : )

Finally this last clip feature a ventriloquist. Yeah, I know what you are thinking... "LAME", but this guy is good! Just wait for the part where he does the Godzilla voices, now that takes talent! For more you can search for Kevin Johnson...

If you are still hungry for more check out "I bet you can't do this" or the greatest dance-offs of all time!


1 comment:

  1. Wow that was awesome!! That guy can really perform. The best ventriliquiest I have ever seen!


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