The Problem With Toy Guns...

The clown now knows... do you? You gotta love the slow motion replay. If you look closely you can really see another shooter on the grassy knoll!

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The Best Minute And A Half On Television!

Bone crushing wipe outs, massive explosions, crazy fights and yes nudity! Courtesy of the greatest show ever created Max X! Did we miss anything?

After that I am sure you are hungry for more so check out this very expensive accident. I guess they needed just a little more practice before pulling this one off. I wonder if they will give them a second chance?

And then there's this guy... he's no Emeril Lagasse but he does add a certain flare to his cooking style. I might even check out this guys show after watching this clip...

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Basketball's Top Ten

Since the playoffs are over everyone is going through withdrawals... I hope this helps!

The Top Ten Blocks Of All Time

The Top Ten Assists Of All Time

The Top Ten Shots Of All Time

Hope that tides you over till next year...

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Strange Creatures Caught On Tape

It is really amazing what you can find in the ocean, after all we have yet to explore many parts of it. Just imagine all the unusual life forms hidden in the depths of our oceans... here is just a taste!

Can you separate the fact from the fiction? What do you think are any of these creatures real?

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Ever Wonder How Someone Would Break Their Eye Socket?

Well wonder no more thanks to Max X's extremely lucky dudes. You be the judge, is this guy lucky or what? I guess it could have been worse, but not much... ouch! This is one of the many reasons for not jumping out of a plane!

And just in case all you Max X fans were looking for a little more mullet check out this next compilation!

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The Amazing Magnetic Child!

This story is straight out of Taiwan, this child's body is actually magnetic and so is his fathers. Watch as they hang silverware and an iron off of their bodies... just plain nuts! Right at the end of the video he says it all started after he was in the army. You gotta wonder what kind of experiments they were running in that country!

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He is not the only one though! Check out this guy from Malaysia he has some of the same strange "powers." Here is a couple clips, this guy can actually pull a car with ease!

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The Funniest Moments From The People's Court

This guy has some real balls I will give him that! I don't think the judge thought it was quite as funny as I did...

From the classic 90s show In Living Color starring the famous Anton Jackson. I must say Jim Carey does a pretty good job as the infamous Judge Wapner!

And finally there is this guy... hasn't slept in 8 days, I wonder if drug were involved?

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You Really Don't Want To Finish A Race This Way!

Maybe you should cross the finish line before you start the celebration... What was this guy thinking? His reaction is priceless!

Well it could be worse... you could be this guy! How he was not seriously injured is beyond me... Divine intervention perhaps?

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Can Baseball Actually Be Exciting?

Hmm, how could they make baseball more exciting? How about added a few more brawls to get the fans involved? Check out these top 10 baseball fights of all time...

Well if there were more managers like this guy... maybe! This minor league manager goes totally bananas after a ball call by one of the umps... hilarious stuff!

Hey just add in more of this and take back the greedy players and their multiple player strikes over the past and maybe I will consider watching baseball again... But until then I do have better things to do with four hours of my life!

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