Insane Cat Jumps Off Top Of Telephone Poll

This poor cat was stuck on the top of a telephone poll for over a day before rescue workers tried to bring it down safely... As you will see the cat had different plans!

I guess that adds even more proof that cats always land on their feet, I can't believe that cat seemed totally fine after taking a major fall like that!

This next one I just thought was hilarious, some of you might want to adopt this little guy, I think he is still available...

I don't think that feline can be tamed from the looks of it...

This cat was not quite a lucky as the one in the first video. I guess they don't ALWAYS land on their feet!

And finally this one is pretty funny too, OUCH!!!

The only true question that remains is which pet do you like better cats or dogs? My personally opinion is that women like cats and men like dogs for the most part, but what do you think?

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  1. Gotta go with dogs! I don't think a cat will scare off anybody! Plus a lot of em just seem like they have an attitude... hmmm I guess cats are a lot like a women when I think about it : )

  2. I am not surprised that you left that comment anonymously : )

  3. My cat fell off my balcony, it felt ill for some days and it broke a leg but now he is fine! (I live on the sixth floor!)


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