A Little Bit Of Everything

Here is a nice collection of clips of people with very, very bad luck. I am sure you have seen at least a few of these, but there were definitely some gems that I have never run across.

My only question is how can a baby spit up that much milk... that was just insane!

As if that wasn't enough check out this massive crash compilation... I am not crazy about the music, but to each his own I guess. Check out the red car at :38 seconds... how many flips is that?

Still want more? Check out the most unbelievable show ever or find out if Americans really are that dumb.


  1. That baby clip almost looked fake that must have been an entire bottle!

  2. Being a father of 4 i can testify to the fact that i don't think any of those baby clips where fake, it's incredible how much a baby can vomit when they want to :-P and i've also experienced a lot worse then that, just count yourselves lucky you can't smell it!


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