Can Baseball Actually Be Exciting?

Hmm, how could they make baseball more exciting? How about added a few more brawls to get the fans involved? Check out these top 10 baseball fights of all time...

Well if there were more managers like this guy... maybe! This minor league manager goes totally bananas after a ball call by one of the umps... hilarious stuff!

Hey just add in more of this and take back the greedy players and their multiple player strikes over the past and maybe I will consider watching baseball again... But until then I do have better things to do with four hours of my life!

Want more craziness? Check out the most talented Elephant in the world or this insane head on collision!


  1. That kick to the face in the first one was just too much! WTF was he thinking?

  2. Nice stuff. Most videoblogs aren't very good, but your's is fun.

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