Does This Make You Nervous As Well?

3 minutes 36 seconds
He's lucky to not have dislocated the baby's arm.


  1. This is worse than when Micheal Jackson hung his child from the window and all the good people that would be good parents???? giastrega

  2. This guy is a lunatic and needs to be put away.

  3. I hope the baby barfed on him after this!

  4. I hope this has been reported---my professional opinion is this is Child abuse-------

  5. child abuse.

    the guy is a scum bag!

  6. Omg... why has this guys kid not been taken away? I understand playing but this crosses the line into child abuse. I don't care what is intention is.. it is clear abuse. I worry for the safety of this idiots children!

  7. Isn't that bad for the arm sockets?
    Could the kid be unable to communicate that he is under torture?
    Why does it feel so odd to watch it?
    This is not right.
    One arm now?
    Does he stand the baby on his head and spin him around at the end?


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