The Greatest Running Back Of All Time!

I have to admit, growing up in Michigan I am kinda partial, but hey this guy was certainly one of the most entertaining players to watch! Barry Sanders was the only thing good about the Detroit Lions for a long time...

Here is a few more moves from the great one! I always thought he would try and make a comeback, but alas, I guess he made his money and was done with it... at least he retired uninjured and can enjoy the rest of his life!

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The World Record Nail Sandwich!

This is just plain insane! Watch as these martial arts masters make the world record bed of nails sandwich... I really feel for the guy on the bottom!

Next up it a very talented contortionist. I am not going to give it away, you will just have to watch to see what record he is going to break...

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Miss Teen USA South Carolina

This is just so, so sad... For those two people out there in the world that missed it, here is Miss Teen South Carolina rabbling... I guess that is why they call them beauty pageants, because that have absolutely nothing to do with what is in their noggin... it is more about what kinda junk they have in their trunk!

So sure that is pretty bad, but can you name an animal with three letters in it's name? That is only the beginning, this is just too much! Without further adu, from the Family Feud here is the dumbest family in the world!

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Some Painful Knockouts

This is part of the reason why I never got into boxing... I value my brain a little more then these people I guess.

If you think that was brutal check out these top ten from Friday Night Fights. I think a few of these might even leave a mark...

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