Crazy Chimps Vs. Human

Sometimes animals are better off left alone... this is one of those times! Just goes to show you how unpredictable chimps can be. These scientists had been working along side these animals for over 2 years until...

If you think that is bad you ain't seen nothing yet...

And this last clip shows us why dogs are far superior to cats...

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David Copperfield's Laser Illusion

I would have liked to have been there to see this in person... either way it is amazing! I guess anybody who can make the statue of liberty disappear has to be pretty good...

Ok so how about this one? This is from the Mind Freak show with Criss Angel. Again I would love to see it in person as it is hard to believe that anything like this is possible... but who knows, what do you think?

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A terrible accident.
Freeway Amazing Crash

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The Amazing Rubberman!

I have to admit this is pretty gross, but I guess it pays the bills. This guy has the strange talent of being able to stretch his skin and even pop his hand out of socket...

If you think that is crazy check out this wack-job! I won't ruin it for you...

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I Would Hate To Be This Guys Assistant

Feel the pain!!! I am sure this guy is thinking he will catch a break soon. Don't count on it, this master has some pretty killer martial art moves!

Here is a few more impressive moves... sure I could do it if I wanted to!

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Some Crazy Moments In Sports

An unbelievable catch, amazing wake boarding tricks and some dangerous white water rafting! A bit of everything...

This next clip is a little spin off of one of the greatest movies ever made Pulp Fiction. See if you can tell the different between this and the original film...

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Amazing Man Lifts 2 Bicycles With His Teeth Then Breaths Fire!

Only in China would you find a crazy like this... First this kung-fu master stops a steel grinder with his bare hands! Then he wraps a pole around his neck! Next he shows you just how strong his Chinese choppers are, and just wait till you see the grand finale... simply fantastic!

From the same show this next clip shows a women sword swallower with a twist. Very impressive....

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When Good Monks Go Bad

These monks have a really attitude problem! They have barricaded themselves in a building and refuse to leave... let's just say things get ugly!

"There was a riot in the streets tell me where were you..."

Here is even more footage of this crazy confrontation!

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The Amazing Dancing Gorilla!

This Silverback Gorilla from Japan has got some mad moves! It looks like he or she might be one hell of a figure skater as well... Feel free to translate if you can.

The gorilla is not the only one apparently... this next one has a bit of everything in it, set to a song I do not know. Enjoy!

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Why We Should Be Afraid Of The Chinese

5000 years of tradition brings you this spectacular show from China. These Jungua are descendants of the Dragon and display some amazing feats of strength, balance and acrobatic skills! If you think this is impressive just wait you haven't seen anything yet...

When you have discipline like this it certainly makes you a worthy opponent for anyone throughout the world! The art of Shaolin Kung Fu requires a lifetime of practice and the ability to harness your qi. The qigong is a technique that can actually be traced on heat sensors throughout the body and allows humans to accomplish some unbelievable acts...

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