Giraffe Fight

I'm not sure about you but I've never seen giraffe fighting! This is definitely wild to me.

2 minutes 41 sec

Billy Mays Gangsta Remix

We have all seen those Billy Mays commercials for at least one of the seemingly millions of products that he is promoting, but I bet you probably missed this one. They play it REAL late at night...

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Never Play Russian Knife Roulette

This video show you why you can never really win at Russian Roulette.... Watch out it is a bit graphic...

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Bowling Accident

34 seconds
Poor kid gets hit by some jerk trying to juggle.

Just Another Use For Duct Tape

This guy has to be one of the dumbest criminals I have ever seen! Watch as he uses duct tape to disguise his face! Man that had to hurt taking all that tape off. Behold the Duct Tape Bandit...

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Crazy guy

This guy gets in and out of his moving vehicle. One mistake like hitting the wheel with his leg or foot could have been fatal.

56 sec

The Ninja Bear

You have to admit he's got so skills... Especially since he's not human...

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Goalkeeper Scores In Soccer

All I can say is one Goalie is really happy that other one... not so much! What an unbelievable goal! I am not sure who the keeper is as they are speaking a foreign language to me...

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How did this happen?

There isn't clear video as to how it happened but somehow Oscar was shot and was killed.

2 minutes 28 sec

Guy punches girl

I'm not sure what they were thinking but he clearly punches her in the jaw. It seems as though they planned it like she knew it was coming.

Looks like it hurt pretty bad.

Breakdancing Fool

Guy kicks girl while trying to break dance in front of a crowd.

17 sec

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