The Fastest Guitar Player In The World!

He doesn't really start playing till about the 3 minute mark of this video, so you might as well skip to that part. This guy really is a mad man though, unbelievable that anyone could ever even come close to playing that fast. I am thinking arthritis might be in his future though...

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26 Judo Moves In 26 Seconds

Impressive Daniel son... I know one thing I don't want to be the Judo student in this video!

And then there is this guy... What a maniac! Sure people are always on their cellphones while driving, but this takes it to the extreme!

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Mad Man Leads Police On A Crazy Chase!

Sure, by now you have probably seen a ton of high speed chases, but I bet you have never seen one quite like this. Watch as this crazy dude leads police on a chase in a stretch limo!

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