Amazing Ghost-Like Birds

This large group of swallows are performing some sort of strange dance... It almost looks like they are coming out of nowhere like ghosts! This really is some very strange bird footage...

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Boston Kills The Lakers In Game 6

It was already over by the time this one went in... Celtics win huge 131-92 to capture the championship! Congratulations Boston on your 17th title!!!

The crowd goes wild!!!

Tie Domi Vs. Fan

Back when Hockey was a little crazier and apparently so were the fans! I don't think I would have been try to jump into the penalty box with Tie...

Up next is a tribute to Joey Kocur, a serious hockey heavy-weight! Get ready for some of the best hockey fights you will ever see...

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Iraqi Walks Away After Explosion

Watch as this civilian comes very close to losing his life as a IED is set off right next to him. Very scary footage...

Iraqi Guy Walks Off Ied Explosion - Watch more free videos

Now check out this next crazy clip, 10 illusions in 2 minutes... pretty impressive tricks!

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