A Kick Save In Baseball?

This has to be one of the best plays of the baseball season so far, check out Joel Pineiro the pitcher in this video. I won't ruin it you are just going to have to watch...

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You don't see a lot of actual contact in Baseball, but when it happens it can be explosive! Watch out music sucks bad in this clip...

And then there is the crazy Japanese : ) Watch this unorthodox pitching style...

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One Of The Best Baseball Catches Of All Time

From right here in Marquette Michigan, what you are about to see will amaze you! Maybe he has a future with the Detroit Tigers? Unbelievable catch...

We stay in Michigan but move from baseball to hockey in this classic clip. Former captain of the Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman shows us why he deserved to be captain for so many years. GO WINGS!!!

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The Best Sniper In The World

This sniper shows off his amazing talent by actually shooting the gun right out of this suicidal maniac's hand! His steady hand not only kept this man from harming others, but could have quite possibly saved his life. Either way this is a pretty amazing shot from a very talented sniper... who knew you could save someone's life by shooting at them!

This next one is just plain gross! This lady went on vacation and came back with more then just a souvenir...

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And finally just in case you ever wondered if it was possible for a human to break the sound barrier without any help from machines... well here you go!

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