A Homecoming Of Sorts

These two guys bought this animal from the zoo when it was just a cub. After a while it had to be released into the wilds of Africa. A year later the 2 guys decided to go to Africa and see the cub again. This is the reaction...

Check out this next creature, it is call the Aye-aye and is on the endangered species list. Watch how it uses it's one smaller finger to scope out it's meal. A marvel of nature that should be protected from further harm.

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Do Not Try This At Home!

It really takes some steel kahonas to even attempt this skateboarding trick! I won't ruin it for you, just watch...

I guess you could try this one at home, but someone is probably gonna get a few bruises. Quite the feet...

And then there is these guys... Not a good idea!

This is how not to lift a car - Watch more free videos

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Two Reasons Why We Love Max X

Reason #1 Awesome clips like this one...

Reason #2 Where else are you going to see Police room brawls?

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Freeze Frame

What happens when you get a ton of people together to play one of the strangest practical jokes on everyone in Grand Central Station? Well...

And then there is this guy... Takes some serious talent to pull this off!

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