The Most Outrageous Moments Caught On Tape!

From the show The Most Outrageous TV Moments, this stuff is crazy! The ostridge part is the best! That thing is seriously pissed! There is some other crazy animals on this clip and then into the TV shows and finally the youth of the nation shows us just how great Mr. Bush is at keeping the crowd engaged... enjoy!

Simply because one is never enough here is another part from the series... It shows us the inteligence level of some of Jerry Springers guests, some of the hilarious things that can happen on live TV and funny home improvement bloopers!

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The Most Talented Elephant In The World

This elephant is unbelievably multi-talented, just watch as it pulls off some amazing soccer moves! I wonder just how long it took to train this giant? I guess what else is there to do in this third world country. I love the pass from the trunk to the back foot, wow! The grand finale is not too shabby either...

And now for so real pros of the sport... this time of the human kind mostly. I can't say I am too crazy about the music in this one, but the moves are well worth it...

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From Taft Ca. to Bakersfield Ca.

50 minutes down to 1 minute 22 sec

Robin Hood Ain't Got Nothing On This Guy!

I am sure you know the famous scene from Robin Hood were he splits the arrow in the archery contest, well can it actually be done? This amazing video from Japan shows us just how accurate you have to be to accomplish such a feet... You gotta love the super slow motion shots they provide. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with something this cool...

What does this next clip have to do with archery? Well nothing but it is still quite impressive! I won't give it away you are just gonna have to watch...

For more crazy archery check out this unbelievable bow and arrow trick or for something a little different watch the epic battle between mongoose and cobra!


The World Record Trampoline Jump

This is truly amazing! I can't translate for you, but I am sure it is something like "Holy S*&%!" That jump measured a full 6 Meters 15 Centimeters! Apparently this guy has also been on the Ninja Warrior show on G4. Pretty impressive stuff, if you like that you will love the next clip...

I can't say I have ever seen anyone get these kinda ups on a skateboard! This course was originally designed for a bike ramp, but as you will see it works wonders on a skateboard as well!

Here is some more record breaking footage, this time from the sport of Motor cross. These bikers fly an amazing 280 feet through the air and stick the landing too! Wow!

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Ouchie Wa-Wa!!!

You gotta love a good wipe out or two or three... The second clip is my favorite, kids are just hilarious! Some of these just look painful!

Finally a video set to some good music... enjoy for whom the bell tolls. I hope the band doesn't decided to sue me, because I am one of their fans and enjoy listening to their music...

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I Bet You Can't Do This

Hell there is no way, I could ever come close to doing something like this... This is one of the most amazing balancing acts ever! The replay really shows you just how difficult a trick like this is...

If you think that is unbelievable check out this husband and wife duo! Wow and with no safety net, you gotta wonder if there isn't a little something wrong upstairs... Either way it they are a very trusting couple!

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Insane Cat Jumps Off Top Of Telephone Poll

This poor cat was stuck on the top of a telephone poll for over a day before rescue workers tried to bring it down safely... As you will see the cat had different plans!

I guess that adds even more proof that cats always land on their feet, I can't believe that cat seemed totally fine after taking a major fall like that!

This next one I just thought was hilarious, some of you might want to adopt this little guy, I think he is still available...

I don't think that feline can be tamed from the looks of it...

This cat was not quite a lucky as the one in the first video. I guess they don't ALWAYS land on their feet!

And finally this one is pretty funny too, OUCH!!!

The only true question that remains is which pet do you like better cats or dogs? My personally opinion is that women like cats and men like dogs for the most part, but what do you think?

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A Little Bit Of Everything

Here is a nice collection of clips of people with very, very bad luck. I am sure you have seen at least a few of these, but there were definitely some gems that I have never run across.

My only question is how can a baby spit up that much milk... that was just insane!

As if that wasn't enough check out this massive crash compilation... I am not crazy about the music, but to each his own I guess. Check out the red car at :38 seconds... how many flips is that?

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The Top Mike Tyson Moments Of All Time

"I want to eat his children! Praise to Ala.." Man is Mike Tyson ever a freak... but he certainly was one bad dude! He was one of the best boxers I have ever seen, but how can anyone believe he did not take steroids with a voice like that?

Watch out there is quite a bit of profanity in this clip, not for virgin ears so hide your children from this crazy man...

This next clip shows you why he can get away with sayings and doing all those unbelievable things... These massive knockouts prove what a vicious fighter he was... enjoy!

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An Unbelievable Badminton Rally... Yes Badminton

You gotta hand it to these guys, that does take a lot of hustle... who knew that badminton could be so exciting? If you think that was good just wait till the next clip!

This next one is from the 2007 International Hockey World Championships... the first hit makes it all worth it... especially with the referring this playoffs!

And if you think "American Football" is rough you ain't seen nothing yet... these guys are nuts, now I fully understand the term "Give Blood Play Rugby" The first bit of this video is a little slow but just watch it is certainly worth it!

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