Amazing Sand Art & Spectacular Acrobatics

What can I say this guy is pretty amazing watch as he creates some pretty amazing art just with sand... I have seen something similar on Amazing Stuff, but this is a completely different clip.

This is crazy as well, I wasn't too impressed with the beginning, but the ending is simply astonishing! That is one hell of a strong neck!

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The Most Unbelievable Foreign Show Ever

Wow is there ever a bunch of crazy footage on this show... simply amazing stuff! You might need a translator though : ) I have seen the first one before on Max X, the guy gets electrocuted and takes a real tumble... don't worry though somehow he does survive the fall and the shock! The rest is just crazy! Enjoy the madness!

From right here in The States this next one is from the show America's Got Talent. This act is pretty amazing, not quite sure how they managed this one... talk about a superman act!

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Amazing Magic, Acrobatics and A Ventriloquist

I am not normally one for magic shows, but this guy is pretty darn good. Where is he hiding all those birds is my question to you...

Let go back in time to the year 1904 with this one... Amazing acrobatic skills are displayed by these two gentleman. Looks like a good leg workout, maybe I should try this : )

Finally this last clip feature a ventriloquist. Yeah, I know what you are thinking... "LAME", but this guy is good! Just wait for the part where he does the Godzilla voices, now that takes talent! For more you can search for Kevin Johnson...

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Insane Head-On Collision!

Wow I can't believe this guy, what the heck was he thinking? That policeman will be counting his blessing after watching this clip...

The Russian Tunnel of Love! You would think they would so something about this tunnel with all of the accidents. Then again...

And sticking with the car theme... here is a clip from the not so popular show "America's Got Talent" Enjoy!

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Are Americans Really That Stupid? You Decide!

Individuals who do not understand their history are damned to repeat it... well looks like we are in real trouble!

Here is just a bit more stupidity... This clips shows us all the amazing geography skills that we have!

And the final piece of the puzzle... This is the guy that "we the people" elected... words cannot explain!

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An Unbelievable Recovery

I can't believe this guy didn't flip... I didn't really see it the first time, just wait until the slow motion replay it is insane! They guy running for his life is pretty classic as well. Too bad you can't tell what the announcers are saying...

This would be the exact opposite of the luck displayed above... Ouch! Watch out the music is a little on the heavy side!

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Impressive Pool Tricks

This guy has some crazy skills... I think I could do only one or two of these shots. The editing in the video kinda bad but the tricks make up for it.

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Lucky To Be Walking After This One

This guy needs to count his blessings because something was looking out for him on this day... I can't believe he just gets right up after taking a shot like that!

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An Amazing Bowling Shot

It really takes a lot to make bowling exciting in my eyes... watch this trick shot from one of the best bowlers out there. Hmmm, practicing trying to get a spare might not be the best idea!

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Was It Over When The German's Bombed Pearl Harbor?

A classic little clip from the movie Animal House... hilarious and quite inspiring actually! One of the best movie speeches of all time... at least in my opinion. What do you say?

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"killing me softly"

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Video captured by Paul Clos

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